Are Your Longing To Experience More Of God's Joy?

Joy For Today Is A Devotional Studies From James For Everyday Life

To Every Christian Who Is Experiencing Hardship In Their Life And In Need Of MORE JOY!

James begins his letter with one of the most profoundly paradoxical statements in all of the scripture: "Consider It all joy... when you encounter various trials" (James 1:2) Or to paraphrase: "Be extremely happy when you face difficulty."

James doesn't just tell us to be happy, but instead, shares with us a series of vital truths about God (and us) that reveal how God uses our difficulties to miraculously bring His joy, wisdom, and peace in the midst of whatever difficulty we happen to be facing.
What Others Are Saying
I was so excited to get this new devotional book written by Daryl Kraft. His insights into the Book of James are very thought-provoking and give readers much encouragement on a daily basis on how we can find joy in every problem, trial, and difficulty. Not only does he use the chapters and verses in James, but he also brings in other scripture to solidify the points he is making. Mr. Kraft inserts personal testimony throughout the book, making his writings personal. He knows first-hand how the reader is grasping at something to live in this broken world. Reading this devotion book is giving me the heart to know God is using every difficulty I face to turn my thoughts to Him and renew my faith. And... that will produce JOY. - Olivia Dodson
I was so excited to receive Daryl Kraft's newest daily devotion book "Joy for Today." Quickly I was drawn into the book by his clear writing style and use of personal illustrations. I realize that, although it is easy to read, Mr. Kraft draws us deeper and deeper into truths of God's word in the book of James. The hope I experienced through this daily devotion led me to a greater desire to be in God's word on a consistent basis. I love the way he broke down verses and even to the point of single words to shed light on the Biblical truth. If you are looking for a devotional book that will be an encouragement to the daily struggles of life, I give this book "Joy for Today" five stars! - Kim S
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